Science for All: the 2023 OSCAwards

Do you think a transparent research culture is important? Do you get enthusiastic about engaging society in science? Do you want to know more about open education, open data and open access? Join us for the Open Science Community Amsterdam Awards and learn about which projects are currently contributing to Open Science in Amsterdam.

It is the first time that the Open Science Community Amsterdam (OSCA) is organising the OSCAwards. Open Science is an international academic movement that makes scientific knowledge openly available, accessible and reusable for everyone. During this evening, we celebrate local contributions to Open Science. Several scientists, researchers, students and teachers will talk about their projects and involvement with Open Science.

This evening we will award eight projects with a price of €200,-. Project categories comprise:

1) Open access / Open data / Open materials / Open software
2) Transparency / Metascience / Preregistration / Reproducibility
3) Stakeholder involvement / Citizen science / Community engagement
4) Open educational resources / Open education / Open online courses

Next, several speakers will give a short talk on how Open Science is always a team effort. OSCA invited dr. Maaike de Jong from E-Science Center to give a talk on (open) research software. Lisa Yu, community manager of the Data Science Center of the University of Amsterdam, will give a talk on research collaboration.

About the speakers

Maaike de Jong has a background in ecology, evolution and genomics. She obtained her PhD in Evolutionary Biology at Leiden University, after which she worked on climate change biology at the University of Helsinki and the University of Bristol. In recent years, she shifted her focus towards open science, first at the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), after which she joined the eScience Center. At The Netherlands eScience Center, De Jong combines her experience in research, open science, community building and education to advance the adoption of digital skills and software sustainability in the research community. In her role of scientific community manager, she leads several initiatives in open and sustainable software, including the Research Software Directory, an online platform to showcase research software. She is also involved in various national and international networks, and is a regular speaker at conferences and events.

Lisa Yu is a community manager at the University of Amsterdam Data Science Centre. She has experience spanning the health, education, and social impact sector, and is passionate about community engagement and translating research into meaningful practice. Lisa will give a talk about who the Data Science Centre is, the importance of (interdisciplinary) collaboration, and the work that needs to be done to make it happen.

Alexandra Sarafoglouo is a postdoctoral fellow at the department of Psychological Methods at the University of Amsterdam. Together with Suzanne Hoogeveen, she founded the Open Science Community Amsterdam. During her PhD, she studied open science related research methods with a particular focus on analysis blinding and preregistration. Her research interests include Bayesian inference, and meta-scientific research.

More speakers TBA.

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