22 09 21
Race and Common Humanity in Enlightenment Thought
The Color of Equality

The Enlightenment is often either praised as the wellspring of egalitarianism and the modern philosophy of human rights or blamed as the source of racism, sexism, and all that has gone wrong in modernity. On the basis of his new book, The Color of Equality: Race and Common Humanity in Enlightenment Thought (University of Pennsylvania Press), historian Devin J. Vartija will discuss the contradictory legacy of the Enlightenment together with Shiru Lim, Amada M’charek and Alicia Montoya.

Woensdag 22 sep 2021 17:00 – 18:30
29 09 21
Fiscal Futures in Post-Pandemic Europe
A Return to “Normal”?

The pandemic and the associated lockdowns produced the deepest and most disruptive downturn in the EU since World War II. This prompted the Council to lift all constraints on debt and deficits embedded in the European fiscal framework. Now that a post-pandemic Europe is on the rise, we explore what should be her fiscal future: a return to “normal” or a leap to something new?

Woensdag 29 sep 2021 16:00 – 17:30